Do you have a stubborn cat that hates tablets? 

Great news, we now stock Dronspot® for cats at The Dales Veterinary Practice!

We have all struggled at some stage with trying to get tablets into our feline friends but thankfully now we are stocking Dronspot® for cats. This is a spot-on worming solution that kills every type of intestinal worm most prominent in the UK cat population, including Roundworms and Tapeworms.

The easy-to-use product provides a fast acting and effective alternative to traditional tablet-based wormers, enabling you to get the worm-free results that you want without the fuss!

Suitable for cats over 8 weeks and over 0.5kg in weight.

Available in 3 sizes;

  • Small (for cats 0.5-2.5KG)
  • Medium (for cats 2.5-5kg)
  • Large (for cats 5-8ks)

Why do I need to worm my cat?

Intestinal worms are a common problem in cats and the likelihood is most cats will get worms at some point in their lifetime. Often they can be present without many outward sign of infection but left untreated can cause a number of related health problems down the road such as dehydration, anaemia, gut blockages and more.

How frequently do I need to do a worming treatment?

Most cats will need to be wormed monthly however there may be situations (House cats) where less frequent treatments are required. 

Ask your Vet if you have any queries specific to your cat and if you feel Dronspot® could be a better alternative for you!

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